privacy policy

Privacy Policy


We at understand the privacy of our users, especially when we are conducting our business online.

Here is the policy for our website visitors and for the users who are registered with our services.

Personal Identifiable Information ( PII)

Personally identifiable information is a piece of information that can be used for identifying a person, contacting a person or locating a person. Personally identifiable information does not contain the part of the information which is anonymous. 

What Personal Information is collected?

We collect details like email addresses, phone numbers the name of our registered visitors. 

We use Personally identifiable information to optimize our website services. We may use personal information to contact visitors for service upgrading.

Rights our visitors have: – 

Right to data portability

Right to access the website

Right to retain 

Right to complain to the supervisor authority

Privacy Policy Changes

We always inform our visitors about our changes in privacy policies. We will keep your privacy policy safe with every update in the privacy policy.

Note: – We have links to other websites as well. They are used for reference purposes.